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The Student Innovation program plans, manages and coordinates student innovation programs and competitions. Our focus is on growing the innovation ecosystem at Georgia Tech and connecting it to the wider startup community. We oversee marketing and outreach efforts of programs to various stakeholders (students, faculty, staff, K-12 community, etc.); collaborate with on-campus and off-campus partners to ensure support and sustainability of programs; and plan events, workshops, meetings and other related programming. One of the main arms of the Student Innovation program is the InVenture Prize. This is segmented into three specific areas: Georgia Tech InVenture Prize, ACC InVenture Prize, and K-12 InVenture Prize.

We want to help you develop your idea.
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Bring your ideas to life by tapping into the wide variety of programs offered across Georgia Tech. Work with an Innovation Coach by submitting your idea.


What will it do? Why? How? Who will it impact?

Collaborate with faculty, staff and students to develop solutions for real world issues. Join a team or find members for your team


Student working on construction of her prototype in the Invention Studio.

Utilize the wide range of makerspaces across campus to create a working prototype. 


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It is your idea, protect it! Participate in events designed with your protection in mind. 


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Explore the various options available to fund your idea, invention, and startup.


The audience and stage at an InVenture Prize finals.

Showcase your idea before thousands and compete to win monetary awards.