View active startups that originate from here at Georgia Tech!

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Algorithmic Justice League

A company that seeks to promote human rights through technology education. It does this by highlighting algorithmic bias, provide space for those without a voice, and develop practices to foster more accountability.  

Morphic Effects

Morphic Effects, formerly PedalCreator, created Disruption, the first analog effects pedal that gives guitarists the freedom to create any distortion sound at an affordable price.


Myavana is a pioneering beauty tech company founded with the aim of revolutionizing personal and professional textured hair care through data driven science and technology. 


Ox, formerly Oculogx, has created a hardware-enabled software automation system that is designed to meet the increasing supply chain volume while ensuring the benefits directly impact the workforce.

Sanguina, LLC

Sanguina was established to develop and market AnemoCheck, a visual, color-based, rapid and disposable point-of-care test for anemia.


The Scal-Pal is a surgical blade package with built in mechanisms to attach and remove scalpel blades while eliminating blade exposure.


Shef saves home cooks time and money by preventing ingredient spoilage and prepared food waste through automated meal planning.


SlateSafety, previously known as FireHUD, is focused on eliminating preventable worker injuries and deaths by creating systems that usher in a new era of connected worker safety. 

TEQ Charging

TEQ Charging has created a power management system for electric vehicle chargers.

The Better Coffee Filter

The Better Coffee Filter, formerly pHAM, is a coffee filter that reduces the acidity of coffee.


Tubing Operations for Humanitarian Logistics (TOHL) installs high quality, low-cost and low-tech, specialized solutions that are environmentally sustainable.


The TruePani engineering team provides the material and teaches your organization how to detect fecal pathogens in your water systems. We recommend or create solutions, such as the TruePani lotus, to meet your needs. Current projects are in India, Kenya, and the Dominican Republic.


A first of its kind aiming device for competitive archery. Ultraview Archery has a number of items already on the market to aid archers in increasing skill and accuracy.  

Wish For Wash

A social impact organization that seeks to bring innovation to sanitation through culturally-specific research, design, and education because #everybodypoops .


A company built around supporting, training, and developing hands-on experience for Zambians to create impact projects by developing social entrepreneurship. This is done by the establishment of an ICE (Integrative Computational Experience) Lab.