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Techturized Inc
Techturized logo

A technology company specializing in the hair care industry through software development, consumer brands, and research studies. At Techturized, air analysts conduct an assessment of client hair texture, type, and condition and provide solutions to meet the client's hair goals.

Tensioner logo

Tensionr is a light, heavy duty tool that enables workers to bundle products for conventional and unconventional sizes together for transport. 

TEQ Charging
Teq logo

TEQ Charging has created a power management system for electric vehicle chargers.

Titin logo

Titin creates form-fitting weighted apparel to enhance Hyper Gravity training while evenly loading your body with weight rather than solely on your shoulders.

TOHL logo

Tubing Operations for Humanitarian Logistics (TOHL) installs high quality, low-cost and low-tech, specialized solutions that are environmentally sustainable.

True Pani logo

The TruePani engineering team provides the material and teaches your organization how to detect fecal pathogens in your water systems. We recommend or create solutions, such as the TruePani lotus, to meet your needs. Current projects are in India, Kenya, and the Dominican Republic.